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Membership Forms & Information 

 Membership Fees & Descriptions:

Youth $15.00 each: an individual 18 years & under as of January 1 of each year. Married or divorced individuals are in-eligible for a Youth membership. This is a non-voting membership.

Individual $25.00 each: an individual 19 years & over as of January 1 of each year or any married or divorced individuals in-eligible for a Youth. This is a voting membership

Couple $35.00 each: Husband & Wife or Common-law spouses living in the same house hold

Family $50.00 each: 2 voting adult memberships (either a husband & wife or common law spouses) and any number of children 18 & under, non-voting memberships, of which the adults are legal guardians of, living in the same household full – time or part – time.

***The draw for the gift Cards update***

We would like to congratulate Liette Fadden and Kathy Geltink as our winners if the 2022 gift card draw! gift cards will be sent out shortly. 


OAHA Membership Application.pdf

 Please send all membership forms to: Val Doyel; 3888 Daley Rd, Sydenham Ont, K0H 2T0 or e-transfer doyleval@yahoo.ca We accept e-transfer, cash or cheque payments

Check your ApHC Novice Youth/Non-Pro Eligibility

You can now check you Novice Youth/Non-Pro eligibility by visiting the following page (Note: you will need your ApHC membership number).

Check Novice Eligibility

Novice Rules for ApHC

Beginning January 1, 2010, the novice division of the youth or non-pro program has undergone some changes. Eligibility to compete in novice youth or non-pro classes will be determined by the number of points you have earned in each class rather than by the total number of non-pro points you’ve earned. Youth or Non-Pros will be eligible to compete in novice classes if they have less than 20 points in that class. This includes class points earned in ApHC competition in youth, novice youth, non-pro, 35 & over non-pro, masters non-pro, novice non-pro and any other breed organization class points. Points earned in leadline, walk-trot, youth halter and non-pro halter classes do not count toward determining novice eligibility.

Former professionals reclassified as non-pros are not eligible for novice classes. And if you’ve won an ApHC National or World class title or a class championship in any other breed organization beginning January 1, 1996, you are not eligible as a novice non-pro in the class in which you earned the championship (excluding halter and hunter in hand classes).

There is a novice youth or non-pro class for each corresponding non-pro class (except halter and hunter in hand).

Novice eligibility is determined as of January 1 of each year. If you are eligible for novice classes as of that date, you remain eligible to compete in novice through the end of that calendar year.

Because novice eligibility is determined by class, you will no longer receive a novice sticker for your membership card. You will be able to access your novice eligibility status for each class by logging on to the ApHC Web site at www.appaloosa.com. Click “Show” and then click “Verify Your Membership Here” where you will be able to enter your membership number and find a list of specific classes in which you may compete as a novice. Please print out a copy of that list and use it as proof of novice eligibility when required.

As always, we rely on non-pro members to be aware of rule changes and to understand that even if you are listed as being eligible to show in novice classes, if you don’t meet all the criteria (including points or titles that you may have earned in other breed association competition), you are expressly denied the right to compete in novice classes.

For more information please see the ApHC's website at http://www.appaloosa.com/web/mbrverify.aspx

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